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Photo Album 1
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Here was some photos taken at Ham Fest Minnesota 2002!


Arrived at 8:24 AM. Only 24 mins late. Not too bad
Good and ready to spend money and meet the crowd!

Looking down in, as we just arrived!
Looks like a smaller crowd this year. Hmmm.

Doug W0YF, Don K0KLN, & Greg KD4GQG Heading in!
They are digging deep into there pockets for the ham fest.

Down in the main show room floor. Net control.
The ham's have landed! 1 giant leap, so many steps.

Roger W0DEU
Roger is very happy to touch down at the ham fest.

Doug W0YF, Don K0KLN and Roger W0DEU
The ham's make there game plans for the day.

Don K0KLN and Roger
Two happy hams at a ham fest.

Greg KD4GQG and Don K0KLN
Greg States " I got a mission to carry out! "

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