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Photo Album 4
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Here was some photos taken at Ham Fest Minnesota 2002!


Computer Mother Boards
Hey! Does anyone need a mother board?

Used Oscilloscopes
A lot of nice used oscilloscopes here!

Computer Lap Tops
Any one need a computer lap top for on the go?

Silver Eagal D-104 and a Field Stregh Meter
Here was/is a popular microphone used by may hams.

Old Air Corps. Receiver. Here is a boat anchor.
These were in old WWII B17 flying fortresses.

MFJ Enterprises
Excuse me! I need some to help me with this MFJ thing!

Old Crank up Radio Tellephone.
Crank... crank. Ring... ring? Hello! Can any one hear me?

Vertronics 3 KW Tuner
Here is a high tech antenna tuner.

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