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Photo Album 6
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Here was some photos taken at Ham Fest Minnesota 2002!


Donn AD0N
Donn Is working hard to make your callsign baseball cap.

Donn AD0N
Donn is doing his best to give you the best quality.

Matt N0YNT
Matt here is Projecting his Reflections. (on his shirt)

Shanon KC0EIG
Break! Break! Break! Tom KB0DCO, is taking my picture!

Greg KD4GQG and Don K0KLN
Greg and Don are waiting. Waiting for what? You guess.

Taking one last look around, before blasting off.
Doug showed up and we were ready to lunch! Mmmm.

Touchstone Energy Place
The place to be for Ham Fest Minnesota!

Greg KD4GQG, Don K0KLN and Doug W0YF
All had a great time! Time to bring home the goodies!

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